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As rural professionals we facilitate open dialogue and exchange with the rural community to enable effective engagement, consultation, and collaboration to achieve the outcomes we all want for our districts. As trained lead-facilitators, we actively identify & open up non-regulatory pathways to meeting future environmental standards for affected landowners & rural businesses through informing in a factual & non-biased way, enabling them to be proactive and for local & regional government objectives to be more widely adopted, with fewer challenges, in shorter timeframes.

We deliver this through;

  • Workshop, catchment or community group facilitation
  • Working with other experts & consultants through advisory groups, field surveys, project working groups etc
  • Project master planning
  • Drone-based non-geodetic aerial surveys to yield GeoTIFF, Digital Surface Model & Near-Infrared data as well as high quality aerial video & photography

We actively seek to engage the local workforce to help implement our projects wherever we work, meaning the work we do creates jobs locally, as well as income for local businesses. This also creates opportunities for training & redeployment that help to meet district or regional community outcomes.