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How can we help support native planting?

Getting native plants established can be a significant expense. Although we have seen a range of support initiatives recently, many of the major central government funds announced at the last election have closed, and policy changes see other regional government funding sources continue to be closed-off or reduced in scope. However, depending on where you are located, some initiatives are still available;

We are actively keeping track of what support is being made available to help enable native planting on farms. Talk to us about how we may be able to assist you with your application or what other initiatives may be available in your area.

What can we do to help with maintenance for native riparian, wetland or forest plantings?

Large-scale native planting of any kind does come with a commitment to regularly control weeds and ensure pests & other threats are being managed. You can view our general guide for best-practice maintenance tips here: (insert link to PDF)

Environmental conditions vary widely across the country, therefore obtaining site-specific maintenance advice is strongly recommended. Ask us how we may be able to help. 

How can we learn about our carbon footprint, offsetting on-farm emissions & earning money from carbon credits?

We have partnered with My Native Forest to help anyone interested in earning future income from carbon credits get an understanding of how much they may be able to earn. Find out more at https://www.mynativeforest.com/

Ask us how we can help you develop a plan that enables you to find out your earning potential from carbon credits on native forests