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Environmental Projects

As well as making the right connections, we draw on our experience in developing environmental projects for Councils from initial ideas & willing volunteers, to self-perpetuating, self-sustaining initiatives with wider community value. Over several years, we facilitated the development of 52 hectares of public land around a high-quality lowland stream with a guiding focus on putting the community in the lead.

 Through providing technical input, support to develop the vision & establish initial funding assistance, we helped enable a core group of volunteers to recognize the tangible benefits of the work they did – from land preparation to planting and ongoing weed control, as well as the protection of existing significant natural features and the discovery of new ones. With this sense of ownership and the right people on the project, others were soon drawn to contribute labour and other expertise, the work expanded, and the project grew.

After a series of successes, the volunteer group began to manage itself through running social media campaigns, successfully attracting their own funding support, and forging their own community partnerships & networks to share resources & learning, in turn reducing their need for support significantly.