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Farmers & Primary Industry Organizations

We seek to provide recognition for the innovation, hard work and investments in the environment that the rural community is striving to implement. Visions for on-farm indigenous biodiversity restoration & protection, native afforestation & freshwater protection/enhancement help to take out the unknown aspects – such as functional biodiversity & regional ecology – giving the confidence to move forward and inspire others to do the same, either locally or across entire catchment areas.

We do this by providing highly detailed & comprehensive master plans for projects such as;

  • Protection/ enhancement of existing natural features

  • Mixed land use & future land use change

  • Wetland creation

  • Consenting

  • Riparian planting

We also offer a range of support and advisory services, including freshwater farm planning, and supporting applications for funding support/co-investment. We also offer drone-based non-geodetic aerial surveys & photography